Field help (EECSCHDRN) 

Statistical rule linked to the movement for the selected legislation, country and company group.
The legislation and group of the rule you enter have to be consistent with those from the header.

General principles for legislation:

SEEINFOThis behavior is modifiedwhen a record has several legislations:

If a record (same code) exists for a legislation, for example FRA, and also without legislation, the behavior is as follows:

If the Tax rate is linked to a legislation, the control ensures that the group of the Tax rule contains at least one company with the same legislation as the legislation of the Tax rate.
If the Tax rate is defined for a group has no legislation, the control ensures that the legislation of the Tax rule corresponds to at least one of the companies of the group entered on the Tax rate.

SEEWARNINGThe list of selection of data does not take into account this control because it is only carried out when the data is selected.