Field help (ENAFAS) 

This flag specifies if the asset is Active or not.
When it is Inactive, its data can be modified and freely completed, without having to use the actions and specific/custom processes that are in addition prohibited for it. 
In specific cases of management, such as, for example, a fixed assets recovery, the imported assets can be automatically declared Inactive: it is necessary that the parameter DISAFAS - Import the "inactive" assets defined at the level of the chapter IMP be set at  Yes.
On creation by direct entry, an asset is always Active. It is possible to make it Inactive only when the following conditions are fulfilled:
1/ The DISAFAS setup is set to Yes.
2/ The asset has not been subject to any work process (change of method, of posting or transfer etc...) nor any closing.
3/ If physical elements are attached to the asset, no movement awaiting validation is recorded for these physical elements.
The physical elements attached to an asset that has become Inactive become Inactive as well.
The Inactive assets do not appear in the principal left list but in a dedicated left list.
Any closing process for a company is prohibited as long as there is at least one inactive asset in the company.
When an asset is inactive, it is possible to make it Active irrespective of the DISAFAS parameter value.