Field help (ENDCCNEND) 

Concession end :
This field recalls the provisional end date. It is used to enter the effective end date of the concession. This date must be located in the current or the following FY of the Accounting and fiscal context.
SEEINFOAfter the close of the FY in which the provisional end date of the contract is located, it is therefore not possible to enter an effective end date for the contract in this closed FY; in that case, the entry of an effective date in the new FY has no impact on the caducity depreciation, as the depreciation ends at the provisional date of the concession.

Cancellation of concession end:
This field, that cannot be entered, recalls the effective end date of the concession.
SEEINFOThe cancellation of a contract end is authorized only if the FY, in which the concession end date is located, has not been closed.