Field help (ENDDPRDAT) 

This field contains the depreciation end date.
This field can be entered only in creation mode and if the OU mode (Non-financial unit), CA (Amortization expense / Net V.) RA (Amortization expense / Net V.)  or RE (Residual) is used. If not, it is automatically filled in by calculation. The date entered must be higher than the depreciation start date and the current fiscal year start date.
When it is the first asset of a concession and that the concessions are managed by Renewal, the depreciation end date is determined according to the concession contract end date to which the asset is assigned.
Forcing this date is only authorized when the depreciation mode is RE (Residual days). When you enter this date, you can click To be recalculated from the Action icon to cancel the entry and to load the field with the date determined by the calculation.