Field help (ENTMNA) 

Entityresponsible for the management of the budget envelope, its budgets and budget lines.
§ Envelopes and entry on lines: Mandatory information, to enter or loaded by default by the User entity; can be modified according to the User access rights. Only the entities authorized via access codes and existing in the entities code table can be entered. If the entity category management is being used, only entities having the code "RES" are present in the help and authorized for entry.
§ Budgets : Information that cannot be modified taken from the envelope.
§ Budget requests: This information optional upon approval entry becomes mandatory during the consolidation process.
§ Revision entry: Information that cannot be modified taken from the envelope selected for revision.
§ Purchase requests: Information to enter, to select, displayed or hidden according to the parameterization defined during the Purchase request entry transaction.