General parameters > Chapter Supervisor > Parameter ASIGMNT (Maintenance and transactions) 

When this parameter is set to Yes, it is used to subject the execution of multiple maintenance functions to the re-entry of a user password and to the entry of a reason code.
All these elements, along with the detail of the completed maintenance operations, are tracked.

Localization level / Global variable

This parameter is defined at the level User.It belongs to Chapter SUP (Supervisor) and the Group AUZ (Authorizations),The following parameters are also associated with this chapter and group :

SEEINFO When legislations are used on the folder, any modification applied to this parameter can be prohibited at all levels as the parameter value is locked to Yes.

Functions concerned

The maintenance functions related to this parameter are:


If the parameter has the value Yes, the miscellaneous table no. 82 defining the reason codes linked to the maintenance confirmation has to be entered.