SAFE X3 V2 configuration console > 'Component configuration' dialog box 

Minimum dialog box

The minimum dialog box is displayed upon any SAFE X3 component configuration. It is used to track the progress of the configuration. It is possible to obtain more information on the progress of the configuration in process by clicking on the Details>> button.

You can interrupt the configuration at any moment by means of the Cancel button. This action can nevertheless make the component and the console unstable. Therefore it is not recommended to cancel a configuration under progress.

Note: if a warning or errors occur unexpectedly during the configuration, the detail mode is automatically activated by the console.

Detailed dialog box

The detailed dialog box displays three tabs representing three types of information on the configuration:

  • Progress: Current process phase
  • Parameters: Parameters used for the component configuration
  • Log file: Running log file useful in case of error.

Progress tab

This tab presents the main actions carried out by the configuration as well as their status: "Under progress", "Completed", "Warning" or "Error".

Parameters tab

This tab presents the parameters taken into account to carry out the configuration.

Log tab

This tab presents the detail of the actions carried out by the configuration. In the event of a problem, this log file is essential.

Configuration end

A message is displayed once the configuration is completed. Click on the OK button to close it.

If case of warnings or errors, consult the log tab.

Click on the Close button of the "Component configuration" dialog box window to enable the update of the parameters by the Console.