SAFE X3 V2 configuration console > 'Component loading' dialog box 

The 'Component loading' dialog box is used to load the console with the components installed on a server during the installation phase. This dialog box is also used to import solutions or components that are already configured.

Selecting the server

The first dialog box Server choice is used to enter all the relevant connection information to establish a connection with the target server. On each successful connection, the console saves the connection information for future connections. If the server does not exist in the list it is possible to add it by clicking on the New button.

During the entry of a new server, the port number and the user are pre-registered. These default values can be modified. Click on the OK button.

The mandatory fields are:

  • Server name : Name of the server on which the component is located
  • Port number: Adxadmin service port number, 1818 by default
  • User : User chosen to configure the component and having the access rights to read and carry out modifications on the component files.
  • Password: User password

Select the 'Save password' checkbox to avoid it being requested upon each connection to the server. If you prefer that the password is no longer saved, deselect this box and click on the OK button.

AdxAdmin process rights

The process AdxAdmin must either be launched by a user having the corresponding rights to configure the component, or be launched from a local account having the Administrator rights (LocalSystem with Windows or root with Unix). In the latter case, the operations are carried out under the account entered in the connection box, this account must therefore have sufficient rights.

In the case of an Oracle database component, this user must have sufficient rights to create a database. For that purpose, they must belong to the ORADBA or DBA group and hence enjoy the SYSDBA privilege and for the automatic creation of the SYS remote connection authorization file (orapwd with Unix), this account should be the owner of the Oracle DBMS installation. For further details, refer to the Specific actions with the SAFE X3 V2 configuration console record.

Selecting the component

If the connection to the adxadmin service of the remote server is correctly carried out, the Safe X3 V2 configuration console offers a choice of components to install or import depending on your context.

Select from the list the component to be loaded and click on the OK button to close the dialog box and load the component.