Configuration console

The SAFE X3 V2 Configuration console is the configuration and administration tool used with the Sage X3 products since the version 1.4.n.

It is used to configure the SAFE X3 components and to create links between them in order to define a solution. It produces the configuration files that will be used by the sub-systems to which it aimed.

Since the configuration of the various SAFE X3 servers is controlled from a centralized workstation, the installation of complex configurations, namely in multi-tier architecture and in heterogeneous UNIX or Win32 environments, is simplified.



An installation can take as its name a Sage solution and is characterized by an alphanumeric code with a maximum of 20 characters defined at the level of the SAFE X3 V2 Configuration console.

To define a minimum solution, the following components are mandatory:

  • Database server

  • X3 application server

  • X3 main process server


Optional or "linked" components can complete the solution:

  • Sage X3 Print Server

  • Web Safe X3 Web Server

  • X3 extra connection server

  • X3 documentation server

  • Business Objects Safe X3 Business Intelligence Server

  • X3 test extra connection server

  • SAFE X3 Java Bridge Server

These component can be shared between several solutions. It is possible to install them on a single machine (except the additional process server if a main process server is already installed on the machine), but it is equally possible to distribute them on distinct servers.

An administration engine, ‘ADXADMIN’ service (generally set to port 1818), is also to be installed on each of these servers. These administration engines will communicate with the SAFE X3 V2 Configuration console workstation, making it possible for the Console to control all the components stored on each server.

The configuration of the different components implies that these are already installed on the servers involved.