SAFE X3 V2 configuration console > Presentation of the SAFE X3 V2 configuration console 


 To launch the configuration console, execute the process 'Console.exe' or click on the ‘SAFE X3 V2 configuration console’ icon on the Windows desktop.

The console is made up of:

  • a main menu,
  • a general tool bar
  • a left list with a hierarchical left list component to manage each entity
  • a configuration screen belonging to each entity

Main menu






This is used to modify the console parameters (debug mode, language choice...)




Is used to exit the configuration console


Tree view

F2 key

Displays or not the left list


See all the modules

Displays all boxes


Current module

Only displays the current module box


Opening the global trace


Displays the console general log file


Management of the AdxAdmin accounts

Opens the ADXADMIN account management window for accounts stored by the console


Console Help

Opens the online help for the SAFE X3 V1 configuration console.


About the console

Displays the console version information.

Upon activation of a left-list or load of a configuration screen, the main menu can be completed by two new entries containing on the one hand the specific menus of the selected entity (module) and on the other hand the action menus of the loaded configuration screen.

General tool bar


Return to the start-up page of the Configuration console


Display or not the left list hierarchy (shortcut: F2 key)


Open the three left lists for the left-hand tree structure.


Open the dialog box Console settings


Open the log file (global log). This file groups all the logs generated by the console


Exit the Configuration console


Help on the Configuration console

Upon activation of a left-list, this tool bar is completed/modified with icons specific to the selected entity, generally shortcuts to the selected entity configuration screens.

Left list

The left list is composed of left list components corresponding to the console main entities:

  • Solution
  • Safe X3 Web Server
  • Sage X3 Print Server
  • Documentation server
  • etc.

Each left list component contains a list of entity components with a sub-hierarchy presenting the components to which it is linked.

It also includes a tool bar that is used to import or delete the entity components. These tool bars are described in the configuration screen for each entity.

Configuration screens

The configuration screen is made of three elements:

  • the action menu : this menu was added to the main menu; it contains shortcuts to the actions that are possible in the screen loaded based on the component and data report.
  • the action tool bar: this tool bar is directly placed above the configuration screen and underneath the general tool bar. This bar contains shortcuts to frequent actions of the loaded screen.
  • The visualization/entry screen itself, which constitutes the right part of the console.