This function, which can only be called from the folder management or via a batch task, is used to validate folders.

The validation of a folder corresponds:

  • either to the creation of the data structures and the code necessary to use it (if it does not exist yet)
  • or to the modification of the structure (or version) of an already existing folder, for which modifications (of the activity code, notably) have been defined in folder management.

This is a long operation, and it is better to avoid launching except when all the parameters have been defined correctly. In effect, if the modifications are recorded without using the validation button, the structure changes are not made, but the corresponding parameters will however be recorded.

SEEREFERTTO The detail of the operations performed in folder validation is provided in the technical appendix.

Screen management

Entry screen


A confirmation screen submits the folder(s) to be validated.




The following fields are present on this tab :


  • Folders (field DOSSIER)

Used to define the folders to be validated.

Block number 2

  • Differences log file (field TRADIF)


  • Format (field FORDIF)


  • Deferred validation (field VALDIF)

This option is used to avoid directly validating windows and screens in order to optimize the validation time of these objects.
If this box is checked, the windows and screens will be validated when first used.



Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode. The standard task VALDOS can execute it.

Specific Buttons

The function can have a long execution time, so this button is used to launched it as a batch task. The user immediately takes the control back and the task is executed in batch mode.

Error messages

On starting the function, an error window is displayed if an error occurs immediately. It specifies:

Number of errors: 1

The log displaying the corresponding error opens. Generally, this error is related to a lock: either the folder is already being used, or it is being validated, or it has been locked following a failed validation attempt.


This message can be displayed during a folder validation linked to a folder migration from version 7 to update 8 or 9. This blocking message immediately stops the migration.
This message opens when the user connecting into the database needs further access rights. Since this user is not the super-administrator of the database, for standard security reasons, the update procedure cannot see this operation through.
The user needs to contact their database administrator in order to launch a SQL script whose code is provided in the file specified in the message. They will temporarily connect as super-administrator in order to run the script.

Tables used

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