This function is used to publish in the form of a Web service all the functions of the "Adonix object" and "sub-program" types developed with the SAGE technological platform. This publication will design a wrapper programme and an XML structure defining the data to be published, which will then be used by the Web services server. For more detail, please refer to the function cycle documentation for the Web services server.

Screen management

Entry screen


In object publication, this screen gives for each object the choice:

  • of the transaction (if this object has some)
  • of the publication, or not, of the hidden fields (Note: the "non-transmitted" hidden fields are never published)

It should be noted that when a publication name has been given to an element (object or sub-program), this name is systematically re-proposed during future generations. It is not possible to publish twice the same object-transaction pair with two different names, nor to publish an object-transaction pair with or without the hidden fields.

 When directly accessing this function from a tunnel from the sub-program management, the fields are all pre-loaded, the only necessary action is to press the button , by beforehand checking the XML display box, should the generated XML structure need to be viewed.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • Folder (field DOSSIER)

Define the code of the folder in which the work will be carried out (such as it is defined in the table of the folders).

  • Type (field TYPOBJ)

Type of function to be published (object or non object).

Block number 2

Object to be published.

  • Transaction (field VARIANTE)

Choice of the transaction, for an object having the transactions.

  • field LIBVAR


  • Invisible fields (field INVISIBLE)

Flag that is used to allow or not the publication of transmissible hidden fields.

Block number 3

  • Processing (field PRG)

For an non object function, the process and sub-program are published that are associated with it.

  • Subprograms (field SUBPRG)


Block number 4

  • Publication name (field PUBLI)

Identifier for the result of the publication

  • XML view (field VISU)

Used to view the generated XML structure.


  • Published on (field DATPUB)

Information generated by the publication.

  • By (field USERP)


  • Program (field NOMPG)




Specific Buttons

This button is used to publish the object or sub-program described in the screen.

This button is used to unpublish the object or sub-program described in the screen.

This button is used to open a selection window containing the list of the Web services already created for this folder.

This button is used to view the generated XML structure.

This button is used to republish all the Web services available for this folder.

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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