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This function is used to publish and remove a site in the X3 client. The created entry is found in HRM Sites.

SEEINFO The X3 client dispatches the connections to the various associated servers.

For example, you can use this function to update links to the portal when Web service pools have been modified.

This function is used to:

• update the servers located in Administration/HRM Servers,
• update the sites located in Administration/HRM Sites,
• create menu entries.

During the creation of the first site, an HRM Sites entry is created in the left menu of the X3 client.
If sites are removed, this entry is deleted.


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Screen management

Entry screen


The following fields are present on this tab :


Select an existing Web site.


  • field PUBTYP

Creates (publishes) or deletes (removes) the HRM Sites entry.

  • Overwrite existing configuration (field PUBREP)

The "Overwrite existing configuration" check box deletes the list of Web servers and reapplies the current configuration.

  • Development mode (field DEVMOD)

Development mode allows the creation of a link to each Web server defined in the configuration.
If this check box is not selected, one link only is created.



Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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