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This function is used to copy Adonix processes from one folder to another. This copy is carried out for the compiled process (file extension .adx), which must exist. If the source (file extension .src) exists, it is also copied. The record describing the process in the process dictionary is also copied.

Screen management

The entry is carried out on a single tab.

Entry screen


Firstly the source folder then the target folder are entered, then the name of the process to be transferred. By default, the current folder is proposed, however it is possible to give the name of another accessible folder, using the following syntax :

*FOLDER (the name of the folder directly : in this case, the folder is supposed to be directly accessible on the same server and the same service).

*server@FOLDER  (the network name for the server where the folder is located should be given : An adxd service must work on the current service number to allow the connection).

*server:service@FOLDER (same principle as above, but the service number can be different. This gives, for example, the syntax server_01:1802@DEMO).

Warning: the last two syntaxes assume that on the remote server there exists a folder having the same name as the folder from where the function is run (even if it is not in this folder that the operation will be launched). This condition is always filled when starting from the X3 folder, because for all X3 installations it is expected that as a minimum the X3 folder is installed. Therefore it is advised that this syntax is used only in this case. In addition, according to the network configurations, entering an incorrect network name can trigger a long wait time after entry of the field (since the check on the existence of a server is made on the network, there can be delay in the order of one minute, sometimes several minutes before an error message is received).




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • From folder (field DOSORG)

This field is used to define the folder from which the record is going be copied. The possible syntaxes are described in the dedicated appendix.

  • To folder (field DOSDES)

This field used to define the folder in which the record is going be copied. The possible syntaxes are described in the dedicated appendix.

Block number 2

  • Processing (field TRT)

Define the name of the process to be copied.



Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode, but no dedicated standard task is delivered to execute it.

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Non-existent process

The name of a non-existent process has been given.

Non-existent folder

The name of a non-existent folder has been given.

server : machine not accessible

The server with the name server does not respond (either because it is not accessible via the network or the service daemonadxd has not been launched). Warning, this error requires a certain time to appear (the time required to interrogate the network with a response time delay).

Tables used

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