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This function is used to define the exchange rate for the currency. An exchange rate is defined :

  • for a given currency
  • for a given exchange rate type
  • for a given date

It is then possible to associate, for each given destination currency, an exchange rate (direct exchange rate), the inverse exchange rate being displayed.


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Screen management

In the screen, 3 items of information need to be entered - currency code, exchange rate type and date).

All the currencies for which an exchange rate defined for this date or an earlier date are then displayed and it is possible to modify these exchange rates (the application date being displayed).

It is possible to:

  • modify an exchange rate for a currency already entered (the exchange rate date corresponding to the modified exchange rate remains the same.
  • enter a new line in the grid, including with an existing existing exchange rate in order to enter a new exchange rate for a new date.



The following fields are present on this tab :


  • Rate date (field DATCOURS)


  • Rate type (field CHGTYP)




Entry screen


The currency exchange rates are entered in the grid in the form of lines identified by the destination currency exchange rate and the date.

The system verifies that for a given currency, there are not two exchange rates with the same date.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 2


It concerns the currency for which a rate is expressed.

  • Rate date (field CHGSTRDAT)

It's a matter of the reference date of the exchange rate.

  • Diviso (field CHGDIV)

The rate is given for this number of currency units. Thus Amt_local_money = Amt_currency * Rate / Divisor

  • field DEVORG


  • = (field EGAL)


  • Rate (field REVCOURS)

The exchange rate indicates the value for a currency unit in the header.

For example, if the currency in the header is EUR and the line currency is USD and the exchange rate is 0.9, it signifies that :

1 EUR = 0.9 USD

  • field DEVDES


  • Reverse (field CHGRAT)

Used to display the inverse exchange rate calculated from the rate entered.



Functions accessed by right click on the grid

Currency Initialization

Used to fill the grid with a line by currency likely to have a variable exchange rate with the currency header. The lines corresponding to the last exchange rate known on the date given in the header.

If no exchange rater is know on this date for a given currency, a unitary exchange rate is proposed in the grid.




Tab History


The following fields are present on this tab :

Table number 1

  • Date (field ADAT)


  • field CUR1


  • field CUR2


  • field CUR3


  • field CUR4


  • field CUR5


  • field CUR6


  • field CUR7


  • field CUR8


  • field CUR9


  • field CUR10


  • field CUR11


  • field CUR12


  • field CUR13


  • field CUR14


  • field CUR15


  • field CUR16




Specific Buttons

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Code exists already in line NN

An attempt has been made to enter two lines with the same currency code and the same date.

Euro currency, fixed exchange rate : DD EUR

An attempt has been made to enter a currency where the exchange rate is fixed with respect to the Euro.

Tables used

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