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Certain operations are likely (in particular folder revalidation)to temporarily place a folder into a locked state. In this state, no other connection can be made. In certain exceptional cases (machine stop), it is possible that the folder will remain in a locked state. Nobody can then connect, and the only solution is to launch this operation (being connected to a folder other than the one that is locked of course).

Screen management

Entry screen


A window allows the entry of the name of the folder to be unlocked (it is possible to choose from a list of available folders). The validation of this screen causes the unlocking of the folder.

NB : the folder to be unlocked must be on the same server: the server@FOLDER syntax must be used here.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Define the code of the folder in which the work will be carried out (such as it is defined in the table of the folders).



Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode, but no dedicated standard task is delivered to execute it.

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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