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The local menus that are used for the entry of data organised in a combo-box are defined in the APLSTD table, by a dedicated parameterisation operation. But it is also necessary that the values for these menus, and the association between the dictionary fields and the menus, are stored locally on the client workstation, in order to make it possible to use them by the dedicated Crystal Report functions.

For this, there exist files on the client workstation, whose the names are menus (local field-menu assignement), and menuXXX (list of the local menu values for the XXX language). These files are stored in the Report\FOLDER_server_service sub-directory, FOLDER being the folder code, server is the name of the server and service the service number.

These files are automatically loaded from the server, from the reference files with the same name, from the moment that the reference files are more recent than those situated on the client workstation.

The generation function of the local menus make it possible to carryout this operation. It is necessary to launch it at the moment when the data printed in the reports should show the local menu titles that have changed.

The launch of this function is automatically proposed when the local menus have been changed; thus it is only necessary to launch this function if the response was No to the question posed, for example after having carried out mass modifications or by maintenance of local menus.

Screen management


Entry screen


The following fields are present on this tab :

  • All languages (field TOULAN)

If this box is checked, all languages are taken into account by the operation.

If this box is not checked, depending on the case:

  • the user's default language will be used, if no language code is entered.
  • otherwise, the entered language is used.



Other conditions

Once the execution of this function is finished, it is necessary, so that the transfer to the client workstation takes place, to disconnect and reconnect each client workstation concerned.

Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode, but no dedicated standard task is delivered to execute it.

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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