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The sizing formulas are used to calculate the table sizes during folder validation. In fact, on folder validation, the table is sized considering that it will store a number of lines equal to a maximum of the following two elements :

  The number of records in the table dictionary, if one has been entered.

  The result of the sizing formula

The number of records in the dictionary is updated if the result of the calculation is greater than that entered in the record. Thus, when the table is validated from table management, the table is sized by the number of records found in the dictionary.

The formulas can use the sizing elements.  These elements ha a value defined in the folder parameters.


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Screen management

Entry screen





The following fields are present on this tab :

Table List of values

  • No. (field NUMLIG)


The code of the table to be sized.

  • Formula (field FORDIM)

Used to define a value by means of a calculated expression can contain constants and variables.

The sizing formula can be a number or possibly a formula using any available sizing elements.

The formula editor is available on this field.



Functions accessed by right click on the grid


The "Tables" button of the contextual menu is used to insert all the tables of a module that are not yet present in the sizing formula grid.




Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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