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In object management, it is possible to display summary information linked to the current record, thanks to the menu File / Properties. This window is also used for all fields corresponding to the key for an object, thanks to the menu available by right click (Properties line) or by using the shortcut key .

The information displayed in the Properties window can be parameterised by means of this function, in the form of calculation formulas that include fields coming from the different tables on line.

it is possible to define the context of the window Properties for any object, but if no contents have been parameterised, the display of the next two lines will be proposed (if the CREUSR, CREDAT, UPDUSR, UPDDAT fields exist in the table) :

           Created the DD-MM-YY by XXXXXX

           Modified the DD-MM-YY by XXXXXX


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Screen management

Entry screen


The object being identified by its code, the definition is made by entering one or more lines in the Properties table characterised by a title corresponding to the line title and a calculation formula that can use :

*    constants

*    operators

*    fields coming either from the table associated with the object, or with the linked tables, with the syntax [F :XXX]FIELD(index_d_value)

This formula will be evaluated at the time of display of the window and the result of the evaluation will be displayed as the title.

In the Linked tables grid, it is possible to define the tables linked with the principal table. This link is expressed in the form of the table code and a link expression (expression used to identify the value of the principal key of the linked file). Taking into account the data dictionary, a default value can be proposed for this link, but if it is not known, it will be necessary to give it. If the link key of the linked table is a key composed of several components, it is necessary to give a list of expressions separated by semi-colons.

Note :

It is possible to use the formula editor to define the calculation formulas to be evaluated. In this case, all the tables declared as being linked are directly accessible.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

Indicate the object code.

  • Title (field LIBEL)

Title associated to the previous code.

Table Properties

  • Number (field NUM)


  • Title (field INTIT)

Title for the property line such as it appears in the dialogue box in the properties object.

  • Formula (field FRM)

Indicate for each line :
- the label
- the formula that will be evaluated according to the current record and links defined within framework of the 'table'.

Table Linked tables

This grid makes it possible to define a link for the fields that are defined in the properties and that do not belong to the principal file of the object.

The entry order of the linked tables is important.

The link expression corresponds to the index 1 of the linked table; the parts of the key must be separated by semi-colons.

  • Link key (field CLELNK)


  • Link expression (field LNK)

A link to access to the table linked from the calculation expression is defined here that intervene in the fields in previous tables.

The link expression corresponds to the first index in the linked table. If the key is in several parts, give several expressions separated by semi-colons. If a single link is possible including the dictionary, a default value is proposed.



Menu Bar

This button is used to transfer the result of the parameterisation to another folder accessible from the same server.

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Incorrect expression

(message following an error)

A syntax error has been detected during the entry of a formula (incorrect number of brackets, incorrect number of arguments in a function...)

Tables used

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