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This function makes it possible to easily provide SOAP Web services to applications external to SAFE X3 or to the XTEND server .

The only prerequisite is to be a SAFE X3 developer and to be familiar with the built-in development tool.

This function manages the following elements:

  • The name of the Web service is the publication name that will be provided externally.
  • Generation of the processing that will be carried out when calling the Web service (called Wrapper program WJ+name of the Web service)
  • Generation of the XML files describing the Web service in SAFE X3 and XSD format.

There are two types of Web services:


The name of the sub-program must be entered.

The fields of the Web service are the setups of the sub-program


An object code and a transaction code must be entered

The fields of the Web service are the screen fields of the object

Case of the XTEND server

By parameterizing an XTEND interface, the Web service is automatically generated by clicking on the icon "Generate access"


It is possible to select part of the Web service fields


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Screen management



The following fields are present on this tab :

  • Publication name (field PUBLI)

Identifier for the result of the publication

  • field LIBW


  • Type (field TYPOBJ)

Type of function to be published (object or non object).



Tab Definition


The following fields are present on this tab :


Object to be published.

  • Transaction (field VARIANTE)

Choice of the transaction, for an object having the transactions.

  • field LIBVAR


  • Invisible fields (field INVISIBLE)

Flag that is used to allow or not the publication of transmissible hidden fields.


  • Script (field PRG)

For an non object function, the process and sub-program are published that are associated with it.

  • Subprograms (field SUBPRG)



  • Published on (field DATPUB)

Information generated by the publication.

  • By (field USERP)


  • Program (field NOMPG)




Tab Mapping


The following fields are present on this tab :


  • Selection (field SELECT)


  • Group (field GROUPE)


  • Level (field NIVEAU)


  • Code (field CHAMP)


  • Title (field INTIT)


  • Internal name (field GRPCHP)


  • Parameter type (field TYPPAR)


  • Length (field LONG)


  • Local menu no. (field NOLIB)


  • Dimension (field DIME)


  • Mandatory field (field OBLIG)


  • Argument type (field TYPFCT)


  • Minimum entry (field AUTMIN)


  • Value (field VALMIN)


  • Include (field MININCLU)


  • Maximum entry (field AUTMAX)


  • Value (field VALMAX)


  • Include (field MAXINCLU)


  • Fractiondigits (field FRACTIONDI)


  • Totaldigits (field TOTALDIGIT)


  • Pattern (field PATTERN)




Functions accessed by right click on the grid

Rename group
Unselect groupe
Select groupe




Menu Bar

Publication / Global publication

Publication / Recovery

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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