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The management of the coefficients is used to define the standard conversion coefficients between units.

These values serve to initialize the conversion coefficients when the units are entered in the different records in the software.


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Screen management

Entry screen


The coefficients management function is made up of a single screen that is used to create, view and update the coefficients between units.




The following fields are present on this tab :


  • First quantity (field QTE)


Define the original unit over 3 alphanumeric characters.

  • = (field EGAL)


  • Second quantity (field COEUOM)

Define the multiplication coefficient that is used to pass from unit 1 to unit 2 :

1 unit1 = 1 unit2 * coefficient

Define the destination unit over 3 alphanumeric characters.

  • Title (field COEAX2)

Destined notably to figure in the reports and the screens in which the record code can be entered or selected. This text is used to give a clear description to the record concerned.

  • Short title (field COEAX1)

Short title over 10 alphanumeric characters.



Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Code already exists on line n

This message can appear when a second unit code is entered. The pair (unit1,unit2) that has been entered exists already in the grid (on the line indicated in the error message).

Tables used

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