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This function is used to integrate the data in the database from a structured file (XML, with fixed length or variable with separators), whose structure is described by an import/export template.


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Screen management

Entry screen


At the launch of the function, this screen is used to enter the parameters related to the import to be launched.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

It specifies the template to be used for the import, i.e. both the type of data to be integrated and the corresponding presentation format.

Warning, not all templates can be used for import (a check box specifies whether the template can be used or not)

  • Import/export temporary storage space (field AOWSTA)

If this box is checked, the wrong lines detected in the import will be fed to a batch in the import-export temporary storage space.


  • field TYPEXP


  • Data file (field VOLFIL)




Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode. The standard task IMPORT can execute it.

Specific Buttons

The following fields are present on the window opened through this button :


  • field LIGNE

Contains the lines in the process.


Leads to the display of the data decoding process, coming from the template, that will be executed (this process is named WWI#####, where ##### is an automatically assigned number).

A window then opens, that is used to view or modify this process, before the launch of the execution by the corresponding button or the abandonment of the import launch.

The following fields are present on the window opened through this button :

Block number 1

  • File reading (field NOMFIC)

Defines the path for the file from which the read is made.

  • field NUMENG

Corresponds to a number for the group of data read in the file (in chronological order from 1).


  • Tables (field FICH)

Defines the code for the table in which the data to be imported is to be found.

  • Fields (field ZONE)

Defines the code for the field in which the data to be imported will be transferred during a real import.

  • Values (field VALEUR)

Corresponds to the value of the record read in text mode for the corresponding field.


Leads to the import in test mode. In this mode, only the decoding of the file will be carried out, but the integration of the data in the database does not take place : a screen then displays the data as it has been reread.

The window that opens displays the first record (or group of records) to be read in the file. From this, the following buttons are available :

  • used to give the go ahead to the read, the next group of data being read.
  • used to stop the display and to return to the function launch screen.

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

File to be imported does not exists
Non existent directory

The file to be imported (or the directory in which the search is being carried out) does not exist.

Import impossible with this template

The template cannot be used for an import.

Tables used

SEEREFERTTO Refer to documentation Implementation