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Warning !

This function is used to modify the data in any table in the database, without making checks on the data other than that coherency checks introduced by the internal types of the data (date, character string, numeric values). This represents a maintenance operation essentially designed for developers and should not under any circumstances be left in the hands of unauthorised users. Inappropriate use is likely to corrupt the integrity of the data stored in the database.

Only users having the administrator profile (defined by the ADMUSR variable) can execute this function.

All tables can be viewed, and the majority of them can be modified using this function.

Unlike the record maintenance function, this maintenance function does not allow the creation of records. It can be used however, to modify a limited number of fields more globally, because the fields are displayed in columns, each record being displayed as in a line in a grid.


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Screen management

On entry into the function, a window opens. Firstly the name of the table to be maintained is entered. The list of fields in the table appears in the grid at the bottom of the screen.

Entry screen


It is possible to:

* enter a formula in order to only select a section of the records This filter criterion is defined in the form of an expression that make the fields, the functions and the constants in the table interact.

* select the fields that must be Displayed or Entered during maintenance. The fields constituting the principal key for the table are always displayed; those that defined as hidden do not appear in the entry grid. It should be noted that, by right click on the fields in the Entry type column, it is possible to globally update all the fields (other than those linked to the principal key of the table) with one of three values Enter, Display, or Hidden.

Once carried out, a new window is automatically created, opened and loaded with the first records from the table. The following are accessible using the radio buttons.

Once this display is carried out, the user can:

*  Modify "en masse" the fields in the records by entering them in the grid.

* Validate the current record using the .

* Move through the table with the aid of the radio buttons.

* Modify any filter criterion already defined, or by creating another, in the form of an expression that make the fields, the functions and the constants in the table interact. This is made using the Selection menu.




The following fields are present on this tab :




Menu Bar

This is used to return to the original screen in order to start if necessary a new maintenance operation.

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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