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This function makes it possible for the user to change their current password. This function can be called automatically on the connection when the expiry date for a password is reached.

Screen management

Entry screen


The window that appears firstly demands the entry of the current password, then the entry of the new password twice.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • Former password (field PAS1)

To modify the password of an Adonix user, it is necessary first to enter the old password.

Block number 2

  • New password (field PAS2)

The new password is entered two times for confirmation.

  • New password (field PAS3)




Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Old password incorrect

The current password has not been correctly entered.

The two passwords are not identical

The new password chosen has not been entered identically in the two entries.

Tables used

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