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This function is used to update a datawarehouse from the data of a live folder. This synchronization can be defined:

  • on a list of table (the tables are checked and ranges are defined if necessary)
  • for all the datawarehouse
  • only for the tables updated in an incremental fashion (only the new lines or the updated lines are regenerated).

In the case of non-incremental updates, it is possible to previously delete all the existing data in the updated tables. It is used to distribute a given situation on the live environment.


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Screen management

Entry screen


In addition to the entry of datawarehouse to synchronize, the different technical setups of the synchronization are defined in this tab.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Data warehouse



  • Preliminary purge (field GEN)


  • Detailed log file (field DET)


  • Simulation (field SIMU)


  • Audit backup (field EPUAUD)


BI table selection

  • field TYPVAL


BI table type

  • Access code (field SACC)


  • Calendar (field SDAT)


  • Folder (field SDOS)


  • Authorization/user (field SAUZ)


  • Local menus (field SMEN)


  • Miscellaneous tables (field SADI)


  • Dimensions (field SDIM)


  • Fact tables (field SFAT)


  • Aggregates (field SAGG)





  • from (field DEBDAT)


  • To (field FINDAT)


  • from (field DEBAUZ)


  • To (field FINAUZ)


  • from (field DEBMEN)


  • To (field FINMEN)








  • from (field DEBAGG)


  • To (field FINAGG)




Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode. The standard task ABIMAJBAS can execute it.

Specific Buttons

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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