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The tool manages translatable texts for a large number of titles associated with the records. It means that it is possible to enter a title for each language code used. By default, such a text is entered in the connection language, but once the record has been created, a right-click makes it possible to display a window containing a table of texts associated with a list of language codes. It is also possible to log on in another language in order to enter the corresponding title.

When the user is logged on in a language in which a given translation has not been performed, and the left list of an object is displayed, the titles in the list that have not been translated remain empty.

In order to rely on a default title in such as case, it is possible to copy a title entered in another language to fill in the missing translations.

This function meets this specific need: it recopies the titles in a language of origin to a destination language. Only the titles that exist in the destination language are recopied.

Screen management

Entry screen


The only information to be entered is the folder code, the language code to be used by default and the language code for which the texts should be entered.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Define the code of the folder in which the work will be carried out (such as it is defined in the table of the folders).

Code controlled in the language table making it possible to define the language of a business partner.




Batch task

This function can be executed in batch mode. The standard task AINITEXTRA can execute it.

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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