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This table is used to define the language codes used in the software.


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Screen management

Entry screen


The entry of the language codes is made in a table, where in addition to the language code and its descriptions (short and long) the following are defined :

  • whether or not (and in which language) to convert the amount all in letters as expressed in the software reports. Local menu 201 defines the possible choices for this field.
  • whether the language is custom or not. This is used during the folder update, to determine if the standard texts in the dictionary (ATEXTE table) and the local menus (APLSTD) associated with a language must/must not be respected.

This table can of course be extended by adding languages (non standard languages are identified). On the other hand, it is imperative not to change the existing language codes and in particular the standard languages (ENG, FRA, ITA, POR, SPA...). This would lead to very serious problems.




The following fields are present on this tab :


Code controlled in the language table making it possible to define the language of a business partner.

  • Title (field INTDES)

Description - Label with up to 30 alphanumeric characters.

  • Short title (field INTSHO)

Short title over 10 alphanumeric characters.

  • Conversion (field LANCNV)

Conversion code associated with a language allowing the conversion type of the amounts in letters. The conversion codes can be parameterized in chapter 201 of menu ../Message.

  • Standard (field LANSTD)

Needs to be Yes if the language is supplied as standard for the software.

  • ISO code (field LANISO)

Corresponds to the ISO language code (that is notably used in the Web).

  • Unicode language (field LANUNI)

This indicator defines if the language used needs to be in unicode (that is to say if the national character set on 1 byte sufficient or not to code all the necessary characters).

  • Connection language (field LANCON)

This field is equal to Yes, the language code is likely to be used as a work language in the folder. In addition this assumes that the translations exist and that the language has been defined as being a language used in the parameterization of the folder.



Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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