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The "Training order" function is used to generate training events in payroll variables. These variables are used to calculate training or overtime compensations, as well as DIF counter incrementing.

This function can be opened from a session; in this case, the selection parameters are initialized with those of the current session.
If the function is opened from the "Processings" menu, the selection parameters are not initialized.

When a session is closed, the initial status of the registration and its link with employee time management are no longer taken into account. The session is closed in any case.


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Screen management

The following operations can be started from the menu bar :

Entry screen


  • The "Criteria" section filters the action to a group of employees.
  • The "Training" section limits the action to some training periods or sessions depending on their content and status.
  • The "Generation" section focuses the action on events outside of working hours or during working hours.
  • The "Dates" section reduces the search to request and application dates.




The following fields are present on this tab :


  • All companies (field ALLCPY)



  • All sites (field ALLFCY)



  • All departments (field ALLSRV)



  • All profiles (field ALLPRF)



  • All agreements (field ALLCLLCVT)



  • Registration start (field MATSTR)


  • Registration end (field MATEND)



  • Other criterion (field CRI)

You can select a criterion or enter a formula to complete the selection criteria.


  • Session end from (field DATSTR)


  • To (field DATEND)






  • Input (field STASAI)


  • In progress (field STAENC)


  • Confirmed (field STACONF)


  • Closed (field STACLO)









  • Event in working hours (field FLGSTT)


  • Event outside of working hours (field FLGHTT)


  • Simulation (field SIMUL)



  • Request date (field DEMDAT)

By default, the request date is the current date, as well as the date of the slip to generate.

  • Application from (field DAT)

By default, the application date is the date of the last opened pay month.

  • Application to (field DATAPLEND)




Specific Buttons

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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