Miscellaneous supervisor events  

Miscellaneous supervisor events

The Workflow administrator is used to take into account the Miscellaneous functional elements defined in a given table. The generic events used by all the software using the X3 technology are as follows :

Event code



Generic event used by default in the File/Workflow function in object management. This event is only called if it does not exist, on a Workflow of the type object, by triggering with the button W.


A request for the cancellation of the signature has been carried out. The tracking on which the signature cancellation has ben made is on line : therefore all the standard variables for the corresponding Workflow are online


A connection to the software is in process.
The variable GERR contains the error code if there is an error, with the following values :

GERR  value



No error


Password incorrect

Maximum number of sessions exceeded


Incorrect menu


Error in initialization of the global variables


Number of users exceeded for the profile


Impossible connection (folder in single user mode, for example because there is a folder validation in process)


Abandon on the entry of a password

In the case of an error, there is in addition the GMESSAGE variable available, which contains an explicit error message (the chain is empty if the connection has been refused). It is possible in this case to know the connection parameters of the workstation that has attempted a connection by the function getenv$("ADXCLIENT"). This function returns a string in the following form :
(client=client_ip_address , port=internal_number, service=service_number)


A disconnection - normal - of the software is in process.


The stop of a process has been triggered from the user surveillance function. The context can be known thanks to the class [PSA] corresponding to the screen PSADX for the user surveillance. The variable [M:PSA]LIGSES contains the number of the line in the grid (from 1 to N). The grid for the variables associated with the grid (index from 0 to N-1) has not yet been updated (the line concerning the processes currently running has not yet been deleted).


A deletion of the password has been requested from the user record (according to the security parameter PASSWD value, either the password is deleted, or a temporary password is assigned). The temporary password is found in bold in the GMESSAGE variable.


An automatic disconnection of a user has been carried out for reasons of prolonged keyboard inactivity (according to the value of the parameters TIMEHGUP1, TIMEHGUP2, TIMEHGUP3)


During the display of a trace file, the use of the Options/Send function has been carried out. The GTRACE variable contains the name of the log file that will be sent in the attachment if required.



It should be noted that the event MSG, which corresponded to the events of the type Workflow return, used in specific/custom, no longer exists from version 150 (because it becomes a standard function of the Workflow engine).