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This function makes it possible to ask for the execution of a request at a given date and time. It can be called via a button directly from the request management, or by the menu.

It should be noted that the option All usersdefined below must be granted with care; even if the launch of a task using the code of another user assumes the entry of their password, it is more secure to impose, for the majority of users, that the launch of task is performed from their own account.


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Screen management

Entry screen


This screen is used to identify:

  • the folder and launch user of the request (if the user code is modified, it is compulsory to enter the password of the entered user).
  • the request ( task or group of tasks to be launched), and the date and time of the requested launch.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

It defines the code for the folder in which the request must be launched.

It defines the code (and any password) of the user who has launched the request.

  • Password (field PASSE)


Block number 2

It defines a group of tasks to be launched.

  • field ZGRP


It defines the code of the task that will be launched automatically by the batch server.

  • field ZTACHE


  • Date (field DAT)

It defines the triggering day and time required for the request.

  • Time (field HEURE)


  • Template (field JOBMOD)

If thIS field is checked, a file containing the entered parameters for the request will be generated in the template file directory (batch server parameters) and the request will not be submitted to the server. The name of this file is composed of the task code followed by .mod. The file serves as a template for the creation of the .job files that permit the creation of the batch requests.



Specific Buttons

This button validates the choices made and can lead to the opening of a window making it possible to enter the launch parameters for the task (the contents of this window depend on the task).

If the box Templateis not checked, the validation of the parameters leads to the display of a confirmation message. This message is as follows: Request submitted to the server. It is followed by a number in brackets that is the number of the request, or the number of the first request in the group (this is an order number that is also found on the other requests in the group). The number thus given identifies in a unique fashion the task(s), and makes it possible to find them in the request management. If the box Template is checked, one or more messages Creation of the file XXXX is displayed to indicate that template files have been created.

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Access level insufficient

The task or the group of tasks to be launched is a level higher than the level of batch tasks that the user has the right to launch.

Function not authorized

The function that the user wishes to launch is not authorized for this user (their function profile does not permit them to launch it whether directly or in batch mode).

Request inactive

The task to be launched is not active: the request could therefore not be launched.

Inactive group

The group of tasks to be launched is not active: the request could therefore not be launched.

Password incorrect

Another user code has been entered and the associated password has not been entered correctly.

Tables used

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