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A group of tasks is a list of batch tasks that are :

  • launched at the same time (either by submission of the group or by recurring task)
  • executed sequentially in time (each task is executed once the previous task is complete) with a log file created for each.
  • linked on the condition that the previous task is completed without error.

Their definition is carried out simply by placing a list of tasks in a grid.


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Screen management

Entry screen


The definition of a group of tasks is made in a single tab in which the general information (module, time constraints, maximum execution level) is entered as well as the tasks to be launched.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

A task group permits the bringing together of several tasks that should be executed in order, one after the other.

  • Title (field ZDES)

Title associated to the previous code.


  • Active (field ENAFLG)

This check box is used to activate or deactivate the current record without losing its content.

A deactivated record cannot be used (by calling its code) in other records (documents, setups, etc.) or during mass processings.

The authorizations for a given function can prohibit the creation of an active record. In this case, the box is cleared by default and it can only be modified by an authorized user or via a signature circuit defined by Workflow.

  • Module (field MODULE)

Module belonging to the setup. This field is used to specify whether the screen has to be created in the folder database. It is specified when the module linked to the screen is active in the folder.

  • Authorization level (field NIVEAU)

The level will be compared with the access level of each user who attempts to launch this task. It will be refused if the user level is insufficient.

The time constraint code is used to identify the time slots during which the task groups can be launched.

  • Proceed if error (field CNTERR)

Table Tasks

A "batch" task is a program that can be executed by the server periodically or at the request of a user.



Specific Buttons

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Incorrect task code

The task in question could not be launched via a recurring task (it is a task that could not be standardised for functioning in Web mode : the rare tasks of this type are recognisable by the fact that no function is associated with them).

Tables used

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