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This function is used to define the calendar of days considered as "holidays" from the point of view of the system usage. This table is taken into account by the batch server : in fact time constraints are being entered by dissociating the constraints of the working days and those of the holiday and bank holiday days. These time constraints, associated with the tasks, are used to define when a task can be launched.

Independently of the time constraints defined in the recurring task itself, a recurring task itself can be associated with an exclusion calendar defined here.

Warning, this table is common to all the folders, because it is installed in the supervisor folder (this is normal given that the batch server functions for all the folders).

In order to understand the influence of the different parameters, it is advisable to read the documentation explaining the Function cycle for the batch server.


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Screen management

Entry screen


The calendars are defined by giving them a code and by entering date intervals in a grid. The days that fall in these intervals are considered to be part of the calendar in question. It is possible to enter up to 25 date intervals, which correspond in principal to the holidays/bank holidays (remembering that the working days can also be defined either in the recurring task or in the task).




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

This code references a group of periods that correspond to non-working days.

  • Description (field DES)

Title associated to the previous code.


  • Start date (field STRDAT)

These dates are used to define the periods of non-working days.

  • End date (field ENDDAT)




Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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