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This function is used to describe reports to be printed on ZPL printers. A ZPL printer is a special printer that can receive data flows formatted using the ZPL language. Their main purpose is to print labels.
A ZPL report:

  • is linked to a standard Crystal Reports report (via a ZPL checkbox and a connection link),
  • shares the same parameters (that can be used in the selection criteria)
  • uses a data model and selection criteria to define those data that feed the print flow,
  • is based on a file template that defines the format,
  • uses calculated expressions that can be listed in the record and are submitted to specific conditions.

A Crystal Reports report will be printed quite normally if the print destination is Preview, Printer, Message, File, or Archiving. On the other hand, if the output type is ZPL printer, the ZPL report will be generated in lieu of the Crystal Reports report for direct transmission to this printer's port.


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Screen management

Entry screen


The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • Title (field INTIT)

It used to define a name associated with each record.

  • Active (field ENAFLG)

This check box is used to activate or deactivate the current record without losing its content.

A deactivated record cannot be used (by calling its code) in other records (documents, setups, etc.) or during mass processings.

The authorizations for a given function can prohibit the creation of an active record. In this case, the box is cleared by default and it can only be modified by an authorized user or via a signature circuit defined by Workflow.

Block number 2

  • Template file (field PATNAM)
  • Version (field VER)
  • Mask issue (field ENVMSK)


  • Criteria (field CONDIT)

Table Expression

  • Number (field NUM)
  • Condition (field CND)
  • Expression (field EXPLIG)



Specific Buttons

It generates the processing that will be executed to enable the generation of the flow for transmission to the printer.

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

No new version

An attempt has been made to save a new version of the print template, but the supplied file is older than the previous one.

Tables used

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