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A provisional style is a group of conditions defining the presentation styles applied on the screen field value.

This function is used to define the conditional styles applied to a code that identifies them, a group of conditions, and the corresponding style codes.

The allocation of a conditional style to a field is made by a dedicated function, screen personalisation.

It should be noted that the styles allocated to the title fields are defined in a static fashion in the dictionary; it is therefore not possible to dynamically modify them and they use fixed styles and not conditional styles.


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Screen management

The style parameterisation screen only contains a single tab, in which is defined the code identifying the style and the definition of the grid.

Entry screen


Each line of the grid contains :

 A logic condition. This logic condition can be applied to the information that is supposed to be on line at the moment of use of the conditional style. Amongst the on-line elements, the current field value is identified by the variable zc. On the last line in the grid, it is not possible to have it as the condition (in this case, the corresponding style is applied if no condition has been filled in).

  A style code that will be applied if the previous condition has been met.

Where an existing style is modified, a message is displayed, demanding if the screens using this conditional style should be revalidated. Indeed, any style modification is dynamically taken into account during a revalidation, any use of a dynamic style in a screen provokes the line generation of the codes in the screen source code and presumes its revalidation in order to be effective.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

This code identifies the created records in a unique manner.

  • field DES

Title associated to the previous code.


  • Condition (field CND)

This logical condition defined as a calculate expression must carry the information that should be on line at the time of using the conditional style. Amongst the on line elements, the value of the current field is identified by the variable zc. The last line of the grid cannot contain a condition (it is therefore a line used by default if no other condition is applicable).

The style code located on the current line is applied if the condition located on the same line is verified (and if it is the first condition verified in the line order).



Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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