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This function, reserved for administrators, is used to return the current folder to multi-user mode, in other words to de-activate the mono-user mode.


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On starting the function, if the switch to mono-user mode is possible, the following message is displayed:

You are in multi-user mode

If the switch to mono-user mode is not possible, a message detailing the reason for the error is displayed (these messages are displayed below).


The switch to multi-user mode is achieved by the setting of a non-modifiable parameter, called MONO (stored in the ADOVAL [ADW] table), to a null value. In a temporary fashion, the MONO symbol is also locked (it can temporarily have a corresponding record in the APLLCK [ALK] table).

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Modification in process on another workstation

Somebody is simultaneously in the process of locking the MONO symbol on another workstation (normally to switch to mono-user mode). The operation is therefore impossible.

Tables used

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