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This function, whose access is reserved for administrators, is used to switch the current folder to mono-user mode.

In this mode, only a single user (with administrator profile) can be connected at a given moment: all other connections will be prohibited, whilst the mono-user mode has not been unlocked with the switch to multi-user mode operation

Warning : the disconnection of the user who launched the switch to mono-user mode does not revert to multi-user mode: the folder remains in the state where only a single user (administrator) at a time can be connected.

It should be noted that certain maintenance operations (notably folder validation, but also maintenance operations linked to each module, according to the value of the UTILCK parameter) automatically switch the folder to mono-user mode at the time of their execution.


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On starting the function, if the switch to mono-user mode is possible, the following message is displayed:

You are in mono-user mode

If the switch to mono-user mode is not possible, a message detailing the reason for the error is displayed (these messages are displayed below).

Error messages

In addition to the generic error messages, the following messages can appear during the entry :

Modification in process on another workstation

Somebody is simultaneously in the process of locking the MONO symbol on another workstation (normally to switch to mono-user mode). The operation is therefore impossible.

Number of users connected: NNNN

The switch to mono-user mode is not possible, because other users are connected (user surveillance is used to view them, and possibly forcibly disconnect them).

The folder is in mono-user mode

The folder has already been switched to mono-user mode.

Folder modification is in process

Folder backup in process

Resynchronisation in process

Return to zero in process

These specific operations are in process: the folder is already in mono-user mode This type of message probably signifies that the operation in question has been abruptly stopped and that the folder has remained in mono-user mode: in effect, if the operation has been terminated, the mono-user mode should have been de-activated. The unlocking of this type of lock is made using the dedicated folder unlocking operation.

Tables used

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