Workflow rules > Category GEN > Code DECONNECT ([Déconnection normale dossier]) 

This event is used to trace the timeout disconnections (these are automatic disconnections during a keyboard activity higher than a value in seconds provided by the TIMEHGUP1 parameter).

It can prove interesting to activate this event temporarily when implementing automatic disconnections, in order to better manage this disconnection time and avoid too frequent disconnections, especially for users who are often interrupted in their work.

Context and operating mode

This workflow rule is triggered on the miscellaneous event named "Disconnect".

It triggers a message.

This event is triggered upon the TIM event code that especially traces this disconnection type.

Triggering criteria

The additional triggering criteria are the following :


The recipient definition is performed as follows :

  • the super-user (defined by the ADMUSR parameter, but also by the GSUPER global variable).

Both a message and a title have been defined by default for the tracking, but only the Tracking checkbox has been activated (if the already predefined message should be sent, the corresponding box should be checked again).

If it is sent, the message provides the user code, the disconnection date and time, the function in progress (GFONCTION variable, that is empty if the user was at menu level), along with the timeout parameter value.

Tables used

No table is used by this function.