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This function is used to define natures of activity which can be used in the time entry.


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Screen management

Entry screen


All characteristics of a nature of activity as well as analytical breakdowns must be defined.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • Nature (field COD)

Code identifying the current record.

  • Title (field DES)

Description used by default in reports and screens (if there is enough space).
If you have limited space, you can use the short title if there is one.

  • Short title (field SHO)

Short description.
Description on 10 alphanumeric characters.


  • Active (field ENAFLG)

This check box is used to activate or deactivate the current record without losing its content.

A deactivated record cannot be used (by calling its code) in other records (documents, setups, etc.) or during mass processings.

The authorizations for a given function can prohibit the creation of an active record. In this case, the box is cleared by default and it can only be modified by an authorized user or via a signature circuit defined by Workflow.

This access code is used to to limit access to the current record for certain users.
If the field is entered, only the users having this access code in their profiles can view and modify this record.

  • Day/night (field DAYNGT)

Day type for the current nature.

  • Day type (field TYPDAY)

Activity type for the current nature.

  • field QTY1

Free numeric field used to enter a remuneration element linked to times (Bonus, on-call...).

Title which can be set up in local menu 403.

  • field QTY2


  • field FLD1

Free alphanumeric field used to enter additional information.

Title which can be set up in local menu 403.

  • field FLD2


Possibility to group natures of activity by family and/or by sub-family.


Individual planning

  • Vizualisation in (field PLNEMP)

Specify the group which represents this nature of activity on the employee's individual planning.

  • Default nature (field FLGDEF)

In the individual planning, it is possible to modify the nature of activity of one day. The nature of activity by default of the nature group is assigned to the day.

Table Analytical dimensions


An analytical dimension is an element of the analytical chart of accounts.
This chart is divided into Analytical dimension types for which each dimension type represents a particular breakdown of the company into a set of analytical payment attributes. The definition of 1 to 9 dimension types is possible via the setup of the folder.



Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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