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Use this function to create and manage a list of training organizations.


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Screen management

Entry screen


Each organization is characterized by an address, an affiliation number, a specialty and a comment area.

It should be noted that the list of values assigned to the Specialty field is retrieved from the miscellaneous table 392 which can be customized from the Miscellaneous tables menu.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

Unique identifier for the organization.

  • Description (field DES)

Description used by default in reports and screens (if there is enough space).
If you have limited space, you can use the short title if there is one.

  • Active (field ENAFLG)

Use this check box to specify whether the organization is active or not.


The country code defined in this field is the country of the employee's bank. This code is used to differentiate on a same slip euro accounts that can be opened in different countries. This code is used for the calculation of the IBAN.

Code used to identify the country of a BP, and so on. This code is controlled in the country table.
The country is an important information which entails a certain number of controls and automatisms.
Examples: Bank ID format (RIB), IBAN management, telephone number format,site tax ID number format,NAF code format,postal code format.

  • Country (field CRYNAM)

Name of the country used in addresses and in all documents where the country code is specified.

  • Site tax ID no. (field CRN)

Enter the national identification number issued by the INSEE.
The entry format of this site tax ID no. depends on the country code.

  • field ADD1


  • field ADD2


  • field ADD3


  • Postal code (field POS)

Enter the address (maximum of three lines).
The entry format for this field and the titles depend on the country.

  • City (field CTY)

Enter the city/town 's name.
The city/town automatically submitted is the one associated with the postal code which has been previously mentioned.

The name of the city/town can be entered manually:

  • If the city/town is already specified, the associated postal code is automatically displayed,.
  • If the city/town is not specified, a warning message appears and proceeding with the entry is authorized.
    • Contact (field CNT)

    Name and first name of the main contact.

    • Telephone (field TEL)

    Enter the telephone number.
    The entry format for this field depends on the country.

    • Fax (field FAX)

    Fax number with an entry format identical to that of the telephone number and dependent on the country.

    • Mobile phone (field MOB)

    Mobile phone number; its entry format depends on the country.

    • E-mail (field WEB)

    This field is used to mention an email address. For example: or

    • Web site (field ORFWEB)

    You can use this field to enter the web site address of the organization. This field is subject to the FRT activity code.

    • field ICOORFWEB



    • Membership no. (field NUMORG)

    Affiliation number of the training organization.

    Table Training specialities

    Specialty of the training organization. A maximum of ten specialties can be entered in the table.


    • field CMTORG

    Free comment field associated with the current object.




    By default, the following reports are associated to the function :

     FICORG : Organization form

     LISTORG : List of organizations

    This can be changed by a different setup.

    Error messages

    The only error messages are the generic ones.

    Tables used

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