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Use this function to initialize or reinitialize the skills of existing Interviews records with the status "in progress".


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Screen management

Entry screen


The following fields are present on this tab :



  • Evaluated period from (field STRDAT)


  • Evaluated period to (field ENDDAT)



  • All companies (field ALLCPY)



  • All sites (field ALLFCY)


This number is used to identify the site in a unique way.
A site belongs to one and only one company.
A site can represent a geographical location (plant, company, etc. ) or a responsibility center.

SEEWARNING All operational management actions are carried out from within a site.

Each user can be associated with a default site or a site by module. Depending on the function being used, the default site is submitted automatically. It can be modified with another site which has been authorized for the user, based on the user's authorizations.

  • All departments (field ALLSRV)






  • Registration start (field MATSTR)

This field defines the selection ranges of the registration numbers to be processed by the function.

  • Registration end (field MATEND)


  • Other criterion (field CRI)


  • Simulation (field SIMUL)

When this box is checked, the operation is not really executed, but only simulated. The resulting detailed trace file describes what would have been performed if the operation had not been executed in this mode.

  • Requested skills (field CPCREQ)
  • Validated skills (field CPCVAL)




Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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