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A process is a graphic explaining the sequence of functions SAFE X3 and integrating links of type tunnel toward these functions.

This feature allows you, by using a visual editor, to describe this process.

It must then attach this process to a thumbnail of the portal or well to a process menu (browser to process).



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Screen management



The following fields are present on this tab :

  • Title (field INTIT1)

It used to define a name associated with each record.



Tab Description


The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • Type (field TYPEP)

If necessary, an access code associated with the current field of the screen is entered here.



  • field TEXTE



Tab Drawing


Visual editor for processes


A toolbox

A graphic toolbar





Select the graphic objects

 Segment, circle, full rectangle

Draw these objects

 Pen tip

Add, remove points on curves or segments

An action bar




 Copy, Paste, Cut

 Copy, paste, cut graphic objects

 Select all

 Select all graphic objects


 Group the selected objects


 Ungroup the selected objects

 First plan

 Put the selected object forwards


 Put the selected object backwards


 When there are multiple layers of objects, move up to another layer


 When there are multiple layers of objects, move down to another layer 

A layout area for text & graphic objects


A varied toolbar




File / Save(local)

Saves the process locally. A process is identified by a memorized code.

File / Open(local)

Opens the process saved locally by reminding the code saved.

File / Export into text

A list describing the elements of the process (flash) appears in the opened window. You need to copy this structure that can be read by another program.

 File / Import

You can paste the source of a process (flash) retrieved with the 'File/Export to text' function in the opened window.

Page / See the limits

Allows you to view the limits of the process by using a framework.

Page / Resize

Handles appear around the framework of the process limits. This allows you to modify the framework size.

Element / Associate a link

One graphic object at least must be selected. Then, different links are possible:

- other process
- URL ( Link to a site in the current window or in a new one)
- ERP function (function code, transaction code and key of the record if the function is an object)
- Report (crystal report)
- BO report
- query
- statistics
- inquiry
- ERP help (help to a function or a field)

Element / Associate an action

Use the Actions icon instead. All the objects are numbered. Then assign the following action types:

- display as a mini menu. The object 1 displays 5 as a mini menu. The object 5 appears when clicking on the object 1.
- Lock / unlock the mini menus. The object 10 locks or unlocks all mini menus. When clicking on the object 10, all mini menus appear or disappear.

- Show as tooltip. Allows you to display an object in an 'info bubble'.

- Show / hide. 20 show or hide 15. If you click on the object 20, the object 15 is displayed, or hidden.

Note: action number. The verb must be conjugated.

Example: 1 Show as a mini menu 2--> THE object 1 if selected, shows the mini menu 2.

 Help / Shortcuts

 Help about keyboard shortcuts.

 Help / Help site.

 Help site.

 Help / About


 Open icon

Identical to 'File / Open(local)'

 Save Icon

Identical to 'File / Save(local)'

 Cancel icon

Cancels the last modification

 Recovery Icon

Returns before the cancellation

 Link icon

Identical to 'Element / Associate a link'

 Action icon

Identical to 'Element / Associate an action'

A library of graphic objects


See the help site: Help / help site on the varied toolbar.

A treatment area of layers


Allows you to see the background, modify, resize it or not.




The following fields are present on this tab :

Block number 1

  • Module (field MODULE)

Module belonging to the setup. This field is used to specify whether the screen has to be created in the folder database. It is specified when the module linked to the screen is active in the folder.

Block number 2

  • field APROC



Design and use tips

  • When entering titles, you must start in the middle of the former text, not at the first character, in order to maintain the formatting.
  • Group up the objects to move in order to maintain the page layout.
  • A text area, for example 'Follow the guide', can be reserved for a brief explanation of the processes and related functions.


It is possible to define additional picture libraries on the application server, to have specific pictures such as logos, photos, special schemes, for example. It is described in a technical, annex documentation .

Specific Buttons

Error messages

The only error messages are the generic ones.

Tables used

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