The UI description guide includes the following documents:

General Documentation

This set of documentation describes the global organization of Version 7 pages. When a user connects on the platform, he enters in a landing page. The main purpose of a landing page is to deliver information in gadgets. A gadget can only be a normal page but not a classic page. A page can include several widgets and links that enable to navigate further.

A user can have several landing pages that displays different information and visual processes.

The mobile client and the tablet adapted pages have a different organization explained in a dedicated documents.

In top of that, a personalization mode allows to change the page layout displayed by default.

Page organization

The description of the following pages and the corresponding user interaction is given here:

Detailed Widget Description

This section describes some dedicated widgets found in the Version 7 pages:

Microsoft® Office Clients

A dedicated plugin manages the connection to Office software. This section describes the different use cases: